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New NdPBR grades: A breakthrough that bridges the gap between processability and superior properties

Buna® Nd 22 EZ and Buna® Nd 24 EZ are among others characterized by high molar masses necessary to fabricate tires with outstanding low rolling resistance, but are still exceptionally easy to process due to new LANXESS rubber modification technology.

Learn more about Buna® Nd 22 EZ and Buna® Nd 24 EZ.

A place for trends.

LANXESS focuses on the megatrends. What does that mean?

We are systematically aligning our product portfolio – and consequently our research and development activities – to four of the most important global megatrends, where we anticipate steady, above-average growth in the coming years.

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We belong to you!

Featuring a new animated car that shows our amazing products for the automotive industry

Lightweight design parts, technical rubbers and products that enable Green Mobility. Discover our innovative portfolio for the car industry by clicking on our car animation.

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Lightweight Inforoom.

“Green Mobility” through lightweight design by LANXESS. Advanced materials provide greater efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

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The future of mobility is green!

Learn more about "Green Mobility" on our special pages

Please visit our pages covering "Green Mobility". You will learn that chemistry is the key to a sustainable mobility of the future. Get to know "Green Tires", lightweight cars and many other things that will shape the mobility of the coming years. You will also find interesting facts and figures on the topic.

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First in class

The concept tire is among the first to be presented that would earn a double-A rating under the new labeling regulations that go into effect in November in the European Union.

New Grades



Our focus.

Animated Car

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Our Inforoom

Lightweight Materials

Green Mobility

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