Krynac® is a family of oil-resistant synthetic rubbers manufactured by emulsion polymerization that are widely used in a number of industries, including the automotive industry.

Krynac® is the trade name of a series of oil-resistant acrylonitrile-butadiene rubbers (NBR) manufactured by emulsion polymerization. The product range consists of several grades of varying acrylonitrile content between 26% and 50% and varying Mooney viscosity of between 30 and 110. Some special grades, Krynac® X grades, are terpolymers of acrylonitrile, butadiene and an unsaturated carboxylic acid (XNBR) and are intended for applications that are subject to extreme stress and wear. 


Krynac® NBR polymers are suitable for various applications in industrial equipment and machinery: Krynac® is used for hydraulic hoses, fuel and oil supply hoses, seals, rollers, drive belts, fabric linings and gaskets. Other applications are shoe soles (sport shoes and safety footwear) and flooring. 

Most Krynac® grades meet the legal requirement for food grade articles intended for repeated use. Therefore food supply hoses, milking inflation tubes or conveyor belts for foodstuffs (fats and greases) are based on Krynac®. 

Business Unit : High Performance Elastomers

Properties and Benefits

  • Very good resistance to mineral oils, greases and fuels 
  • Good resistance to aging 
  • High resistance to wear and abrasion (especially Krynac® X) 
  • Low permeability to gases 
  • Good dynamic fatigue resistance 
  • Reasonable cost level 
  • Good ozone resistance (Krynac/PVC blends)
  • Compounds based on Krynac can be processed by 
  • Conventional molding techniques 
  • Extrusion

Areas of Applications

  • Engine Seals 
  • Fuel hoses 
  • Gaskets 
  • Industrial & hydraulic hoses 
  • Rubber rollers 
  • Rice dehusking rollers
  • Shoe soles 



  • NBR
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber