Perbunan® is a fast-curing synthetic rubber that is used for the manufacture of oil-resistant rubber articles.

Perbunan® is a fast-curing nitrile-butadiene rubber that is  used for the manufacture of oil resistant technical rubber articles with excellent cost/performance ratio. Vulcanizates are characterized by a high modulus and good sealing force retention when correctly formulated and processed. Perbunan® grades are available in the range of 18 % to 45 % acrylonitrile content (ACN).

Perbunan® is preferably used for molded rubber parts such as seals (including rubber-to-metal composites), membranes, vibration dampers and hoses. It is also used for rubberized fabrics (printing blankets, flexible containers), roll covers, sheets, conveyor and transmission belting, shoe soles, other footwear parts, thermoinsulation articles and other applications. If Perbunan® is mixed with PVC, the blends can be used as polymers for colored ozone resistant articles such as hose covers, cable sheathing and spinning aprons.

Business Unit : High Performance Elastomers

Properties and Benefits

  • Very good resistance to oils, greases and fuels 
  • Very good low temperature flexibility 
  • Good physical properties (modulus, compression set) 

Areas of Applications

  • Automotive industry
  • Industrial Applications


  • Acrylonitrile-Butadiene rubber
  • NBR
  • Nitrile rubber