Emulvin AS is a highly effective dispersing agent for preparing stable aqueous dispersions of water insoluble solid ingredients and is used in latex compounding. This product can be used also as a dispersing agent in the production of vulcanization pastes.Typical applications for the use of Emulvin® AS are toy bolloons, gloves, mattress, fire hoses, latex foams, condoms and coir foams.

Emulvin WA emulsifier as an additive is an excellent stabilizer for synthetic polymer latices. The increased stability of the latex is needed to ensure that the latex is not coagulated by mechanical or chemical influences during the necessary processing steps in compounding and forming. Careful control of the dosage of Emulvin® WA  enables a precise adjustment of when and how coagulation occurs, when this is desired after other processes are completed.

Emulvin WA is a useful tool on its own in the processing of synthetic latices. It is often employed in combination with Coagulant WS.

Business Unit: Rubber Chemicals


  •  vulcanization pastes
  •  toy balloons
  •  fire hoses
  •  artificial leather
  •  carpets
  •  gloves
  •  latex foams
  •  condoms
  •  and coir foams