Baykanol® is a family of anionic dyeing products and tanning agents that give excellent results in processing leather.

For example - BAYKANOL TF-2N is an anionic dyeing auxiliary that gives excellent leveling and almost negligible or no bleaching of the dye while possessing excellent lightfastness and heat stability.Baykanol® lickers are fatliquors based on natural and synthetic raw materials that are used for softening leathers.

Business Unit: Leather


  •  Dyeing auxiliary for the leather industry
  •  Leather fatliquors

Properties & Benefits:

  • Excellent leveling 
  • Almost no bleaching of anionic dyeing 
  • Excellent lightfastness and no yellowing on exposure to heat
  • Good dispersing effect of anionic dyes 
  • Baykanol Licker imparts softness to leather.


  • Baykanol TF-2N
  • Baykanol Licker SAN
  • Baykanol Licker HMR
  • Baykanol Licker LLW
  • Baykanol Licker FGW

* Trademark is owned by Bayer AG