Levaderm® is a family of complex anionic liquid dyestuffs for leather and can be used in both the wet end drum dyeing and also in the spray finishing of leathers, giving excellent brilliance , uniformity and levelness, and having good light fastness and perspiration resistance.

Business Unit: Leather


  • Leather auxilliaries
  • Dyeing – Leather

Properties & Benefits:

  • Can be used for  drum dyeing or through feed dyeing and also for  spray dyeing of  leathers
  • Excellent  lightfastness properties 
  • Increases brilliance and uniformity 
  • On spray dyeing it penetrates into the pores and gives uniform shade
  • Good perspiration resistance
  • Good rub fastness


  • Levaderm black N 01
  • Levaderm black brown N
  • Levaderm blue N
  • Levaderm bordeaux N 01
  • Levaderm brown N 01
  • Levaderm green N 01
  • Levaderm grey N 02
  • Levaderm lemon N 01
  • Levaderm light brown N 01
  • Levaderm marine blue N
  • Levaderm medium brown N
  • Levaderm orange N
  • Levaderm red N 01
  • Levaderm red brown
  • Levaderm yellow N

* Trademark is owned by Bayer AG