Levotan® is a range of polymeric softening and retanning agents for leather. Depending upon the stage of processing,different  Levotan products can be used to make soft leather, help improve chrome exhaustion, improve dyeing, get tighter grain, produce leathers with good milling, and enhance their sheen and touch (for suedes).

Business Unit: Leather


  • Leather
  • Organic tanning materials
  • Polymer tanning materials

Properties & Benefits:

  • Improved softness
  • Improved strength 
  • Good tightness of grain
  • Excellent milling properties
  • Good  dispersing property
  • Good dyeing property
  • Enhances softness, sheen and touch of  suedes
  • Can be used as a pretanning agent for wet white leathers


  • Levotan C
  • Levotan LB 

* Trademark is owned by Bayer AG