Retingan® is a family of resin synthetic tannins for filling in the looser areas of hides or skins, giving uniform dyeing, buffing and embossing properties.

RETINGAN ZF is the first resin without free formaldehyde.

Business Unit: Leather

Application :

  • Resin tanning materials
  • Tanning agents

Properties & Benefits :

  • Improved fullness especially in looser parts of hides / skins 
  • Improves grain tightness
  • Very good buffing and embossing property
  • RETINGAN ZF  is suitable for white leathers having excellent lightfastness and resistance to heat yellowing
  • Retingan products have low astringency and  give smooth fine and tight grain 


  • Retingan MM
  • Retingan MLF
  • Retingan R 7
  • Retingan R12
  • Retingan ZF 

*Trademark is owned by Bayer AG