Tanigan® is a range of  synthetic tannins  used to make all types of leathers,  from soft supple leathers  to firm and full leathers. It is sulphone based and Tanigan products have outstanding heat resistance and lightfastness, while being very mellow on the grain.

Business Unit: Leather


  • Organic tanning materials
  • White tanning materials

Properties & Benefits:

  • Good heat resistance
  • Excellent lightfastness 
  • Assists dyeing of  pastel and  brilliant shades 
  • Maintains a fine and smooth grain
  • Produces leathers with soft  supple and  round feel to firm and full leathers
  • The sulphone syntans are highly suitable for  milled leathers giving  a fine uniform milling pattern and at the same time maintaining the mellowness of the leather 


  • Tanigan 3LN
  • Tanigan  DWF
  • Tanigan  EL
  • Tanigan BN
  • Tanigan  GSP
  • Tanigan NBEN
  • Tanigan P liq
  • Tanigan PR
  • Tanigan OS
  • Tanigan PT
  • Tanigan PAK-IN
  • Tanigan SF6
  • Tanigan TRA
  • Tanigan HO
  • Tanigan VR

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