Ultramoll®  is a family of high viscosity polymeric plasticizers for a large number of polymers, such as polyvinyl chloride acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber and polyurethane.

Ultramoll products can be used in:

  • Oil and petrol-resistant film, hoses, cables and conveyor belts, conveyor belts for the foodstuffs
  • Milking hoses, blown film (cling film and microwave film) for packaging foodstuffs
  • Boots, shoes and soles for applications requiring petrol and oil resistance, safety shoes,
  • Film for the automotive, packaging and office article industry
  • Coatings industry
  • Oil-resistant protective clothing for industrial use, oil and petrol-resistant tarpaulins

Business Unit : Rhein Chemie Additives

Properties & Benefits

  • good extraction resistance to oils
  • good thermostability
  • good processibility

Areas of Applications

  • Plasticizers for polymers
  • Polymer auxiliaries
  • Polymers


  • Adipic Polyester