Lewatit® CNP 80

Lewatit® CNP 80 is a weakly acidic, macroporous, acrylic-based cation exchange resin of standard bead size. Due to its very high capacity, excellent chemical and mechanical stability, and high resistance to osmotic shock, it is preferred for dealkalization.


Business Unit

Liquid Purification Technologies

Area of application

  •  Dealkalization of potable water
  •  Demineralisation of water
  •  Dealkalization of water
  •  Dealkalisation of process water.

Properties & Benefits 

  • Dealkalization of industrial water operated with co-current or modern counter-current systems like Lewatit ® WS system, Lewatit® liftbed system, Lewatit® multistep system or Lewatit rinsebed system 
  • Dealkalisation of industrial water operated with co-current systems

How to use the product:-

Resin is to be filled in a column and water is to be passed at a specific flow rate and pressure with a proper  pre-treatment (as specified by the OEM and resin manufacturer). 


Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resin