Lewatit® MonoPlus TP 214

Lewatit Monoplus TP-214 is a chelating resin with the thiourea group having a high affinity for mercury. Lewatit monoplus TP-214 also has a high selectivity for metals such gold and silver.


It is used for 

  • Removal of mercury in the flue gas scrubbing processes
  • Removal of mercury from ground water
  • Recovery of palladium from organic process streams
  • Metal separation and recovery in hydrometallurgy. 
  • Removal of mercury from brines

Business Unit

Liquid Purification Technologies

Area of application

  • Catalysis and Chemicals
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Chloralkali Electrolysis
  • Purification of chemical solutions
  • precious metal recovery
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Potable water treatment
  • Waste water treatment


Properties & benefits 

  • Higher Mechanicals and Osmotic Stability
  • Better Kinetics
  • 10-20 % higher capacity depending on process conditions
  • Remarkable low leakage according to the process conditions