Advanced Industrial Intermediates

High-quality basic and fine chemicals enable innovative products

High-tech end products require optimized precursors and the addition of the necessary production additives at the right moment. The Advanced Industrial Intermediates business unit (BU AII) produces high-quality basic and fine chemicals for further processing worldwide. It is divided into business lines and offers a broad product portfolio with a wide range of applications.

·         Aromatics Network 

The aromatics network is a unique network of production facilities. It enables the production of a variety of hydrocarbons i.e. nitrated, hydrogenated, phosgenated and chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons. For example, selective or specific production of certain isomers of aromatic compounds that are important for the pharmaceutical industry is also possible in this production network.


·         Polyols and Oxidation Products

Various polyols and oxidation products are used in the production of high-quality coatings and polyester resins, which are offered to our customers in the best possible quality.

Rovelan®, the calcium salt of formic acid, is successfully used in the animal feed market as an additive in form of a preservative to protect against microorganisms and also as a digestive & silage additive.


·         Organometallics

Organometallic compounds are highly reactive and act selectively. They enable the specific production of polymers, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They are also essential in the manufacture of semiconductors and photovoltaic modules as well as anticorrosion coatings in automotive engineering and in the coating of glass. LANXESS produces and markets a wide range of organometallic compounds and at the same time, ensures the safe handling of these products.


Key Brands and Products:

  • Anhydrite: a calcium sulfate binder for conventionally laid calcium sulfate screeds as well as for calcium sulfate flow screeds
  • Axion® series: organometallic products with numerous applications such as polymerization cocatalysts, glass coating, pharmaceutical production, high-purity organometallic intermediates for the semiconductor industry
  • Baynox® / Baynox® Plus: increases the shelf life of biodiesel by preventing premature oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid esters
  • Bayowet® C4: flame retardants for polymers
  • DiphylDT®: organic heat transfer media
  • Vulkanox® (BHT, BKF): antioxidants to stabilize organic compounds prior to oxidation by oxygen; areas of application are elastomers, lattices, polyether polyols, mineral oils, fuels, adhesives, paints, printing inks, aliphatic and cyclic ethers, vegetable oils, and plastics

Industries and Areas of Application

  • Agriculture
  • Polymers
  • Pigments/Dyes
  • Paints
  • Automobiles
  • Tire
  • Technical rubber goods
  • Fuels
  • Construction
  • Polymerization Catalysis
  • Coating Catalysts
  • Photovoltaics
  • PVC Additive Precursors
  • Semiconductors, Electronics / LEDs
  • Pharmaceutical Industry / Fine Chemicals


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Advanced Industrial Intermediates

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