Consumer Protection

LANXESS specialty chemicals that protect people and their environment in many areas of life - that's what our Consumer Protection segment stands for. This segment is characterized by strong brands with high product quality, innovative technologies and a global sales and service network.

Three business units belong to the Consumer Protection segment, Material Protection Products offers effective material protection solutions for numerous industries. From highly effective disinfectants and cold sterilization technologies in the beverage industry, to products for stable hygiene as well as preservatives and wood preservatives, the portfolio includes protection products for many areas of daily life.

Our second associated business unit Liquid Purification Technologies, offers innovative products and technologies for the treatment of water and liquid media. It is one of the leading manufacturers of Lewatit® ion exchange resins and Lewabrane® reverse osmosis membrane elements. 

Ion exchange resins are used for the isolation of dissolved components in liquids. The treatment of water is the best known and largest application area for ion exchange resins. 

The membrane chemistry of reverse osmosis and the design of the elements ensure optimized, cost-effective operation in downstream process steps, such as single or mixed bed filter circuits.

The third business unit in the Consumer Protection segment is our subsidiary Saltigo. With many years of proven expertise, Saltigo is a leader in the field of customized production for companies in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industries. In addition, Saltigo also offers numerous fine chemical intermediates for various industries - and Saltidin®, one of the world's leading active ingredients for insect repellents.